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Pacific Crest Equine has developed a reputation as a premier center for lameness evaluations. We are extremely thorough in our examinations and diagnostic workups to ensure that every equine athlete receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. With injured performance horses it is critical to accurately diagnose the injury, however difficult. We perform flexion tests and diagnostic nerve blocks (regional anesthesia) and/or joint blocks (intraarticular anesthesia) to localize the lameness, then use the appropriate imaging, such as radiography, ultrasonography, or thermography to reach a diagnosis. Our treatment plans may include joint injections, shockwave therapy, oral medication, rest, surgery or a combination of the above.

We also perform a large number of pre-purchase examinations every year. Our purchase examinations are very thorough and can include physical examination, lameness evaluation, performance under saddle, radiographic evaluation and endoscopy. We are able to perform purchase examinations on all breeds and disciplines.