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Pacific Crest Equine has hosted externs from around the United States, Canada and Europe since 2002. Our externship program is designed to give every extern a very “hands-on experience” and access to a large selection of cases typical of equine practice. Doctors, interns and staff make every effort to make externs feel welcome and to include them in hospital cases as well as ambulatory and field services. Every year we receive comments from visiting students that our program allowed them to do and see more than any previous experience. We are very enthusiastic about having students visit our facility and provide an apartment above the hospital for housing. Externs that would like to visit local attractions such as the California beaches or Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks are welcome to take time off for these endeavors.

Any veterinary student who may be interested in our internship program should contact us to schedule time to spend with us as an extern. We can host several externs simultaneously for two-week rotations during the spring and summer and for longer periods during the fall and winter. For more detailed information on our externship program, please refer to AAEP. To apply for our externship program please send a cover letter, CV, and dates you would like to schedule to Dr. Taryn Holliday at [email protected]

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